Do You Pass the Tank Top Test?

Most people wait till summer before they break out their tank tops, swimsuits, and summer wear. However, by the time summer arrives, it leaves little time to mold your body the way you want. So take the test before the temperature starts to climb. Put on a tank top and see what areas of your body need the most work. Here are some common problems that people have during the hot seasons T-shirt Maker.

Overhang – Yep, you guessed it… that means have some excess fat, and skin that pushes up out of your bra under your arms.

FIT FIX – Back exercises such as the lat pull down, pull-ups, and rows are great ways to give your back a tight look.

Double Chest – Sure most people have a line that divides their chest in the center. What about that extra line on the outside of your bra strap? This could leave you with extra tissue on the outside around your arm pit.

FIT FIX – Push ups, push -ups, push-ups! You can also do flies, and a chest press exercise. This will lift the sagging skin and add some extra cleavage where you want it!

Flat Shoulders – Most women neglect their shoulders, leaving them flat instead of round. With the right exercises, round shoulders can balance out your waist making you look leaner.

FIT FIX – Lateral raises, front raises, shoulder press, and even rotator cuff exercises.

“Muffin Top” – Affectionately known as the “love handles.”

FIT FIX – Any ab exercises will help tighten this area. However, ones that focus on your obliques (or sides) would target this area even more!

Although exercise is a great way to tighten areas of your body. You can’t neglect diet. You can build your muscles as much as you want and firm up that area, but if you have layers of fat over the top, then you won’t see any definition. Diet is the key to definition and fat loss. Increase your protein! This will keep you full and help you avoid over eating high sugar/ high carbohydrate foods. Adding a protein shake 3-4 times per week is an easy way to increase your protein. Decrease your fat intake and substitute as many fats as possible with Omega fats.